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8/10/22   8:38 PM

Capabilities of the PayQuest application:

This online application is designed to request, approve and track the payment of purchases and expenditures of a small business (in this instance a theatrical producing company), charging them to different accounts for different "projects" and then totaling them to compare against an entered budget for that project.


Apply for a temporary User Account!

To do this, set your own user class to something other than "Pending", or add Pending accounts to grant them access at different User Class levels.

This temporary account will expire in 10 hours.

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  • All fields are required.
  • An active Login Name must be unique to only one person at any given time.
  • A User Class is what grants different access priviledges to a user. In a real world situation, this would not be a choice on this form, the Production Manager would assign you a User Class based on your position and duties that the user would be performing. For demonstration purposes, you can choose your User Class for this temporary account. They consist of:

    1. User - enters Payment Request Forms (PRFs).
    2. Management Aid - User class priviledges, plus can run reports.
    3. Administrative Aid - This access level would be granted on a temporary basis as needed for a specific task. It includes Management Aid priviledges, plus can enter Projects, Budgets, Account Lines.
    4. Department Head - User class priviledges, plus approves payment requests for the department and can run reports.
    5. Production Manager - (acts as the primary administrator for the system), enters payment request forms, approves all departmental PRFs, enters/updates Projects, Accounts, Funding, Budgets, and controls what users are granted what level of access (User Class).
    6. Executive - Top level manager has all Production Manager priviledges, plus approves ALL PRFs.